Liteon 167T rip still slow?

… So I returned my LG dvd-rom since i was advised that I would have better ripping speeds with the Liteon 167T. Well, I just did a rip with the new Liteon, and the rip speeds seemed to be exactly the same (roughly 2500 KB/s). I thought that maybe the firmware would have to be patched, but according to the README file in the Codebrothers firmware hack, their firmware will not increase the speed of ripping from a pressed CD, and that this particular liteon drive will rip @ 16x with the original firmware.

Any ideas? DMA is enabled, btw :slight_smile:

Does it occur with every disc you try? What ripping program are you using and have you tried others?

I’m using DVD Decrypter because I heard that was the best / easiest to use. Would using another proggy (ie: Alcohol 120%) be better to use? I found it odd that although I have some dvd files already ripped to my HDD, when I open the files in DVD Decryptor to burn it to a DVD (nec-3500a), it copies the files already on the hdd to another temp folder, THEN begins to do the burn… It’s a repetitive step that isn’t necessary.

I agree that DVD Decrypter is one of the best out there, but like any software program, it might not be playing nice with your particular system configuration. You could try DVD Shrink or the trial version of AnyDVD to isolate the problem and eliminate the ripping software as a variable.

As far as copying the files again, I would hazard a guess that it is rearranging the files in a way that is more compliant with the DVD standard. Earlier versions of Nero had those types of compatibility problems with standalones because the DVD spec was not followed precisely (order the files were burned, etc.). And when I burn .ISOs with DVD Decrypter, no copy occurs.

Actually, I made a booboo. It was DVD Shrink 3.2 that I was using, not DVD decrypter. I’ll give the latter a shot when I get home tonight, and will post pack here. :slight_smile: thx!

You do need the 9S16 firmware from Codeguys to give you the max speed. The DVD9 speed is 8X with factory firmware and 10X with patch. Your LG probably also had no rip-lock and so you aren’t seeing an increase. As far as I know the only drive to give you speeds approaching 16X is the AOpen 1648 AAP. I have both and the AOpen gets 14X with DVD9. Also try DVDDecrypter as you will be able to see the speeds during the rip. No drive gets close to the max until the edge and then when it hits the layer break it starts to slow down again.

Also the repetitive step you mention is absolutely required when you compress the 9 gig down to 4.3 gig or so. It is only redundant when the pressed disc is the same or smaller than the DVD5. Not the case if you are burning DL media.

Alright, well, I applied the patch “167T.9S16.patched-rs16xR_8xRW_10xDVD9.exe” and tried doing another rip. Speeds did increase to about 4300 KB/s (I’m not sure what 16x is equivalent to in DVD speeds, but in regular CD-ROM speeds, I know that it’s 150 KB per “speed”… same as DVD?)

So it seems that the rip was actually a bit faster (up from 2500 KB/s).

When the whole process was completed though, rip and burn, the time was 40 minutes. Is this what I should expect from these 2 drives? I’m going to try ripping from a DL movie now and see what the speeds are.

Should I be applying any other patches for reliable speed? The region hack is of no use to me as I will only be ripping region 1 discs.

Thank you for your suggestions!

You have done all you can to increase the speed of your optical drives. Any constraints on the system now would have to do with drive speed and processor speed. I have noticed a significant speed increase when I used 2 hard drives, one for the files from DVDDcrypter and the other for the temp file from my burning program, but not everyone has 2 drives. Your speed is only a few minutes slower than mine and that can vary from disc to disc.