Liteon 167t read hack doesnt work

hey Code65536 i tried that read patch hack for the 167t and it doesnt pass the 10.66x read mark in any software,it just falls back down or stays constant i borrowed a friend 166s dvd rom and it when right to 12-16x region mine doesnot
i used the 9s16 16rX_16rwx_10r9x patch

Could you post a Nero CD Speed transfer graph? Also, could you post the results of the burst rate test?

hey one of the nero dvd speed the disc was clean and free of scracthes

The speed is starting up correctly at around the right speed for 16x CAV. The drop in the speed later in the graph looks very much like the kind of speed drop associated with some sort of transfer bottleneck. The low burst rate (it should be at least twice that) also points to a bottleneck problem. Check your DMA settings. Also make sure that it’s not a controller problem (for example, Promise controllers don’t work well with any optical drives).

You might want to use Alt-PrtScn to capture the image or use the small button in the titlebar. The one that looks like a small diskette. :wink:

What are your system specs?

16x was too greedy for my 166S, 14x12x10x worked fine.


I think really the burst rate is the problem. I have my 832S in an external USB2 case with an NEC Chip in it. I tested, it has 11 MByte Burst Rate. When I read a DVD with it and it reaches 8.5x Speed, the Speed drops down. 8.5x Speed is 11 MBytes. My Transergraph looks exactly like yours.

I mean for me, this is no problem, since burning is only 8x max. and for reading I use my 167T. Btw. here the speedpatch is working.

So I think, either U have an external enclosure or u haven´t DMA enabled.


I have a 166s and 167t, both installed in same system, the 166s reads dvd-r fine with read hack, I use 14x hack, but the 167t will not read past 10x, usually dips below 8x so I cannot use it for on the fly copies at 8x but exact same discs on same ide channel and same pc read fine in 166s, so I think 167t is a problem drive, so are going to try an asus E616P2 when I can get one