Liteon 167T Patched Firmware Question



I have a Liteon 167T, and I am using the patched 9S16 speed patched firmware from Codeguys. I am using the file with “16xR_16xRW_10xDVD9” in the title. That is the fastest (according to the title) file in the archive to apply. So why would anyone use the other slower files listed in the .RAR archive? Wouldn’t everyone just use the fastest one? I’m figuring there is a reason you would want to use the slower files. I’ve ripped a number of backups since patching with this firmware and it does make a noticable increase in speed.(thanks codeguys) I have not had any problems either, but just curious about the other (slower) files, and what they’re for.

Here is a link to the firmware page that has the 167T patched firmwares.

Here is a direct link to the file: 167T 9S16 patched firmware<-- archive with all the files listed in it


Some people experience data errors reading the R and RW discs at the fastest speeds and so they have provided a way to slow down the drive for just that media for which there is a problem without slowing it down for all media.


That’s what I figured. But for example… ripping a DVD thru DVD Decrypter, if it rips to the Hard drive and completes, then it should be fine, right? Just don’t want it to rip a bunch of “corrupt” data, and find out later when the DVD doesn’t work.


You should be OK, I have always found Decrypter to be very obvious when it found an error in data (painfully so). I have also found that if I run DVD Shrink on the files I have just ripped it will run a preliminary scan and confirm data integrity and it only takes seconds. There is no assurance of future perfection but it has always shown an error when there was one.


Thanks for the info. I will say that the 167T with that firmware performs nicely. :iagree:


If you like the 167T take a look at this link to the AOpen 1648/AAP.

This drive blows my 167 away. Off to Ebay it goes.


Thanks for letting me know about that drive. I just read thru the “Aopen 1648” Thread and I’m going to order one from NewEgg. I get a free NewEgg glass with the drive too :iagree: LOL :bigsmile:


How is the Aopen at reading multisession DVD-R’s?

Some DVD drives like my Hitachi GD-7500 can read the 1st session OK!, but then can’t seem to see the rest of the files . My 165H see’s them fine however. :slight_smile:



No information on multisession but other forums have reported some problems with DVD-R in general. I have a few it won’t recognize so I only would recommend this drive for DVD9 rips, which it excels at.