LiteOn 167T for ripping/movie backups

I purchased a 166s but received a 167t. I’m sure if I should return the drive or keep it. I heard more bad then good on the 167t but haven’t found an post on how it does ripping or copying movies.

If possible I’d like to hear your success or failure rate on the LiteOn 167T. Please post your results.

I never had a 166S, but I can tell you that the 167T is a great drive. Rips all my SL DVD’s at full 16x speed, rips my DL DVD’s at I think 8x (Don’t pay that much attention.) That’s with pressed media, not sure about burned media as I almost never use burned media in my 167T.

Mine rips just fine.

Thanks guy’s, because of your replies I decided to keep the drive. I was hoping for more feed backs. So far no problems… knock on wood

Go here they have firmwares that can speed up your read times for your drive. YMMV

I have a 167T, and I’m just learning about this firmware patching, omnipatcher, type stuff. Wouild you recommend me using one of the firmwares at the link you posted? Sorry for the noob question, but I just don’t want to hurt my drive.

Yes, patch the 167T DVD ROM with one of the firmware listed in the above link. You’ll have to experiment to see which read speeds work best for you.
That is, look under your drive (167T) and choose 9S15. Open the compressed file and there should be several firmwares with various read speeds.
There is a READ ME file in with the firmwares

OK, thanks for the info. Hairy Cary. I will try it out.