Liteon 1673S Kprobe scans on certified 16X

These are my scans aren’t the greatest but no bad either is this normail for 16X -R burned at 16 or should it be better

This is my scan of Prodisc 16x +R burned @ 16x

Thought these would be better or again is this normal

The MCC03RG20 scan looks good to me. PIF Max=2 and Total=204 is really quite nice,
I would be pleased with that scan. The PRODISCR04 doesn’t look as good, PIF Max=11,
Total=2726 is not a great scan. Looking at the PIF graph, I see only one single
spike of 5, all others are 3 or below. This movie will probably play back well,
and is thus a successful burn.

@ lilchina1
That first burn is the best -R@16x burn speed I have seen! Congrats. The second burn is pretty good too IMHO. The single spikes can be discounted, and the PIF=11 single spike is either at the very end or very beginning.

ok here is the prodisc 16x burned @12x

so I’m guessing that 16x on medium Grade +R burned @ 16x will have marginal quality scan. I’m getting some verbatim 16X and will see if they will burn better since they are consider premium grade media

TDK+R 16x burned on 16x

Looks like the 1673 is a better burner then the 1633 and 1653

1673 did really much better than my crappy 1213s,
hopefully, someone can figure out how to modify and crossflash the old 3s drive with 1673s firmware soon(but there should be a very long way :confused: ).

Ok got my Verbatim certified 16x burned @16 and here is my scan

not too bad but to the experts what do you say?

Id say that was a good burn. PI and PIF are very low.