Liteon 1673S DVD+R DL Burning Acting Up?

Well i have a Lite-On 1673S drive that i got it back in 2005 and it’s been working great for the most part but…

a little while ago (probably 2-3 weeks) i went to burn a Verbatim DVD+R DL (a XBox360 backup to be precise, but it’s not the .ISO file that was at fault or the burning program etc) and it finished the burning but looking at the recording surface it clearly did not look anything like it normally does with a smooth even burn. but at that time i was copying another DVD+R DL disc and i just assumed i did not know what i was doing (as it never did a copy of a XBox360 game before from a backup copy) so i threw it away and did not think much of it. so then last night i burned another XBox360 backup disc (from a .ISO and .DVD file like usual which always works) and the same thing happened and this was from 2 different batches of Verbatim DVD+R DL discs. so at this point im starting to think my Burner is possibly dying or just cant burn DVD+R DL discs properly anymore since it was and still is burning DVD+R/-R discs fine like it always has but after it failed when i burned from that .DVD/.ISO files i was almost sure something was wrong with my burner so then i started looking into the EEPROM file which i backed up a while ago just in case i would need it but i never expected to really need it… so then i tried restoring it and resetting the learned media etc and then it seemed to have semi killed my drive as the drive would still show up as Liteon 1673S etc in windows but no discs would be recognized at all that i put into the drive and the drive was a flashing green light (like it was semi dead)… so then i tried another EEPROM file i made (early 2008) and that brang it back to life then i tried burning that same .ISO/.DVD XBox360 backup again and this time it worked and the recording surface looked like it usually does after a burn which is nice and even etc.

but my question is… since the EEPROM file seemed to fix the DVD+R DL burning issues i was having, what would make it get corrupted in the first place?

p.s. here is some screenshots i took of the same disc burned with the same (XBox360 Game Backup) .ISO/.DVD file but one worked (the one that looks all consistent throughout the disc) and the other failed (which you can obviously see looks different as im quite sure i wont need to point out which is the working one and which is the non-working one)…

and the funny thing is… in ImgBurn (which is what i used to burn these) it never failed the write when it got to the end as it said success etc like usual.

Copying another disc at the same time obviously has made the computer choking on ram - as a result the drive got underruns (no problem because they have BU protection), but you can clearly see that on the media…

i was not copying another disc at the same time as i only have 1 burner and the two Verbatim discs i said that it happened to where at 2 different times and i was not doing anything CPU or Hard Drive intensive at the time of the burning either. and like i said… the one that looks normal works fine and the other one that looks messed up just don’t work at all.

so what could it be? (that is weird as my burner has never did that up until the last 2 burns on only DVD+R DL media and after i restored the EEPROM like i was saying the burner seemed to come back to life as far as burning DVD+R DL properly again)

but thanks for the reply though :wink: