LiteOn 1673S Bitsetting

Does this drive support bitsetting ?.
Tried all firmwares including the one shipped with drive and crossflash ,tried serveral tools to change ,including LiteOns own and DVDPro.
Is it possible to modify firmware to allow in LO have disabled or is it not a good idea.
This is second drive as I thought first one was Knackerd cos of no BitSet ,this is a replacement.
Any help appreciated thanks.

you must put a +r disc in the drive and then start the official iteon booktype utility:

set it once and that’s it.

if u using FW from sony DRU-720a u can use omnipatch to set auto bit… i think =p

btw why this option is not allowed in orginal liteon FW 1673/1693s ?

Use DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0(latest version). Click “Tools”, “Drive”, “Change Book Type” and select your burner model

Any firmware that supports the saving of the bitsetting does not need the OmniPatcher auto bitsetting feature to enable -ROM at reset. :wink:

hence, bitsetting is done during first +R recording? And one more question: is the bitsetting possible on multisession discs?

thx code =S

Tried all firmwares but no success.
LiteOns bit set utility (latest version) does not work on my machine.
It states unsupported drive detected ,it didn’t work on my previous drive LDW851 either.
Older version of LO’s bit set ver 1.04 does work tho and states,UNABLE TO QUERY BOOK TYPE SETTING MAYBE F/W NOT SUPPORT ,although this did work on the LDW851.
I know this sounds stoopid and I’m getting confused coz others seem to be able to change book type ,am I doing something wrong ,or is this drive faulty ,or does the software not support it ?.
P.S. DVD Decrypter ( as Black Wizard stated) does appear to do something ,although book type stays the same before and after burning discs.
PLS HEELLPP. :confused:

are there nvidia ide drivers installed on your system?

With DVD Decrypter, use the Second Last option “Drive(For DVD+R/+R DL Media - EEPROM!)”.

Yes Nvidia ide drivers installed.
Not had a prob before ,but have heard this may cause probs.
Completely overlooked changing those.
Will keep you informed.

Nvidia drivers removed ,
LiteOns booktype now works.
DVD Info Pro still does not ,perhaps drive is not yet supported.
Cheers people saved me a sh*t load of grief.

yep, nvidia drivers cause problems with liteon drives…