LiteON 1673 Stopped recognizing CDs, and only reads DVD's

Hi everyone. You guys have been extremely helpful in the past. I hope somebody can come up with something for my strange problem.
I have new Lite-ON Sohw-1673S. Everything worked fine. Out of a sudden, It stopped recognizing any kinds of CD’s and CDRW’s. So I cannot read or write any Cdr/w. Reading and writing of DVD’s (+/-) is working fine.
I tried putting it to another computer - same result. I even tried unplugging the IDE cable altogether, and leaving only power cable. When I put in regular CD - It tries spinning it 3 times and then stops - just like if you put a dvd disc in regular CD-Rom. I tried updateing firmware but it didn’t help either.
Anybody has any Ideas?

I just joined here because I have the same problem. Iam using Nero and all was fine. Burner locked up after burn process was done and said the burn process failed (it didn’t fail the cd-r was just fine after I shut the computer down to stop the drive from spinning). After that the drive will ONLY recognize DVD-Rs not CDRs. I was hoping there was a solution for us.

Thanks Chef for trying to help. I tried your suggestion with no resuts. (win2000 just reinstalled ide channels. This was predictable, since I already tried this drive on another PC. As I said - if I just plug Power cord (IDE cable disconnected) - it still cannot recognize any cds/cdrws/audio cd’s. It spins them for 3 times, trying to initialize the root track (I disassembled the drive to see what heppens) , than stops the disk.
This must mean that the problem is with drive itself, not in software or drivers, at least in my case. Any proposals?


same trouble in another computer with this drive??

yep I just started to have that problems…same exact one…mine started after I burned like 5 cd’s back to back then the 6th one failed and it never recognized another cd again…blank or retail…but claims to know the answer but you have to pay to register.