Liteon 1673 firmware JS05

New f/w JS05 for 1673 coutesy of Krooval.
As attatchment lmit wont allow me to upload ive hosted it Here until the Codes can host it at which point this link will no longer work.

Edit: Now available on CodeGuys site here

i thought JS04 was the next fw to be released…

Not that new.

My JS05 is dated 23.2.2005 - so it’s about three weeks already.

General writing improvements, especially at 16x speed.

Some 16x media is now limited to 12x.
Writing strategies for some media (for example ProdiscF01) is messed up.

Just wondering where js05.bin came from?
The latest that I can see at is js02 dated 2005/02/04

Maybe I am missing something ??

Thanks SirQUK For The Lite-On SOHW-1673S JS05 Firmware

I’m Still Waiting For A Leaked Lite-On SOHW-1693S Firmware To Appear. :slight_smile:
Something Higher That KS01 Would Be Good :smiley:

Well - even I have problems getting a hold of 1693 firmwares - as the development team for 1693S is not the same as for the 1673S. (Yes, I know it sounds strange since the drive is the same - the only difference is 4x -R DL support).

So is it safe to update to this firmware for the 1673S?

Yes…I am using it now. JS05 has 276 media codes (JS02 has 270).

so i see new strategy of LO dev team is to lower burn speed instead of fixing write strats! wtg!

Do you have the 2 clicks when you turn on your pc?
From p99 post here:

Did not hear the two clicks but had to reboot the computer twice to get the drive recognized. It still cannot burn fake mcc 003’s.


I just update it (30 minutes ago). No problems at the moment (no clicks at the boot). At the first reboot it install the drive again (just says a new hardware found). I dont have any empty dvd’s to test it now. But is plays the dvd’s i burn today with np. Looks ok.

No clicks for me. Also it is working fine since the first time I rebooted.

Thanks SirQUK :). A flasher version of JS05 is now posted on my site. Sorry for the delay, just got back from my vacation.

This flasher version also allows the Sony 720A to be flashed to JS05 as well. :wink:

Thanks Code, and welcome back.
Hope you enjoyed your vacation, we kind of missed you around here but we were glad you had the opportunity to get the down time.

NP codeking …my link has been removed as it is now wher eit should be on codes site.

Why this happens? :a
Have you communicated this thing to Lite-On to resolve the problem?

I cannot see any difference with JS05 firmware. I’m still not able to burn DVD’s at it’s maximum speed of 8x or 16x. I use:
Memorex CMC MAG-E01-00
Verbatim MCC-003-00
I also only have read speed at 1.4X

Sorry for the silly question, but I’ve been out of the Lite-On scene for a while…do the BookType Utility and LtnRPC support the 1673?