Liteon 1673 and my LG DVD/VHS

I used a NEC 2500 for a long time in the past to backup DVD’s. It was a good burner. One day I thought I would get a newer one, faster etc… so I went to my local comp store and he had a few models so I picked a liteon 1673. I burnt a few DVDs, they would skip in my LG DVD/VHS player. I could not work out what was wrong, I tryed slower burn speed, newer firmware,diff media, still no good, maybe the LG was dying, maybe software, pc hardware. Was not sure.
Today I got a Benq 1640 and backed up a few DVD’s and watched them tonight. No skipping.

Liteon 1673 and my LG DVD/VHS player do not get along.

Thankyou for your time :smiley:

I think it depends on the burner/firmware and media combination.
I’d say that the LiteOn loves +R media…