Liteon 1673 accidental flash with 1653 f/w

now I can’t flash it back to 1673 bios see it as a 1653 but I can not use liteon flash to flash back to original and mtk flash 1.80 and 1.83c doesn’t recoginizet it either any suggestions?


You could go to this site and download the firmware for your SOHW- 1673S.

try and flash it again, the file name your looking for is “DR16JS02”

regards. :slight_smile:

you must press the eject button for ~ 5secs so mtkflash can recognise the flash type.

If windows can see the drive, just use any of the 1673S firmwares on my site. If not you may need to hold the eject button when powering on the drive (system power up), to use MTKFlash.