Liteon 166S quick question?

What is the best firmware either beta or final to use speed hack reading on this drive? Mine seems to start at a little below 4x and ends at little below 12x. I am using DS1E.


Quick answer:

Okay I used the speed hack firmware that was on that site and here are the results. They don’t look good and I think I am forced to just stick to the stock one. What do you think?


The drive does not like to read burned disks at 16x unless they are PERFECT burns, mine does the same thing. Some of the drive apearently do OK but most are like ours when pushed. Try going down to 12 or 14x max with the hack and see if it does better.
If my 166 does read all the way to 16 smoothly it is truly great burn, some of mine will do it. I might drop down a peg in rip speed too but it is very good for picking out the best burned disks I have made. Doesn’t seem as picky on stamped movie disks by the way.

Sorry for that, the named files didn’t come out, but that is my scan for the 12x hacked firmware. The 14x and 16x were just too ugly to display.


After seeing this thread I just tried different f/w on my 166s and I went back to what I started with.
Read time for some I tested.
DS1E (16x) SL 5:24 DL 25:06
DS1E (12x) SL 6:13 DL -----
DS1C SL 9:42 DL 16:11
My 166s was made in Apr 2003, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. :confused: but to me DL is the most important to me. I don’t know which DS1C I have cause it was on my pc and I didn’t note where or who. :frowning:
Anyway if you don’t like just flash back, I did.
I don’t believe there is a limit to how many times you can flash. But I’m sure if I’m wrong someone will say so. :slight_smile:

Well you might want to try their ealier 1c firmware and see if it’s any better. There is one stock version that was unlocked if the plus media was bitset to rom but I can’t remember which one now, maybe 18.
You can always go back to stock with all the tools out there. I’m running 1E too but I might try 1C or slower again if it starts to tick me off.

For reading purposes, is it better to bitset at +R or Rom?


Mine reads more stable when bitsetting is +R (not ROM)!

I think mines better set at rom, works better for older players that can’t play plus media anyways. That’s why everybody wants bitsetting anyways to improve playability on older stuff.