Liteon 166s or 165 are silent at 2x?

I have an Asus cd rom wich is noisy at 2x speed (i.e reading an audio cd) and my liteon 811 make lots of noises (in the media player) in the same situation,
that´s a good reason to buy a dvd rom, but i wonder if Liteon 166s or 165 are silent at 2x?

When playing DVD’s at low speed I have a hard time hearing my 165. I’m certain the 166 is the same. :slight_smile:

See my sig, i got the 166

It sometimes spins up a little (maybe 4-6times during an avg 2hour movie) to catch up I guess or read ahead and refill its buffer. Its still not that noisy, I think I notice it at all because I come home late from work and school and wach DVD’s with low volume at night so not to wake everyone in the house.