LiteOn 166s - limited read speed not possible (for KProbe-Tests)?


I am testing DVD-Media for a german forum, and my 166s cannot be locked to a 4x limited read speed like suggested in the forum here. I have tried to lock it with KProbe itself: not possible.
Tried it with CDBremse: it does not recognize any drive speeds and thus can’t lock the drive
Tried it with Nero Drive Speed: not possible.
I have ASPI 4.60 installed (KProbe requires that and works)
and with other drives such as the Sony DRU510a CDBremse and DriveSpeed display DVD-read-speed options like 2,3,4,5,6x

Can someone give me advice, how to lock the read-speed of the LiteOn 166s? I tried it with the “18” firmware and upgraded it to the DS1A - no changes.
Or is the 166s refusing any attempt to lock the read-speed, because it is just not possible with that drive?
Anyone owner of this drive here who can give answers, please?

You can’t. All the ROM drives are locked at one read speed on recordable and dual-layer discs. just one of the reasons why we don’t use them for scanning.


thanks for the answer - you’re saying “locked on recordable and dual layer discs”. I do not want you to get the impression that I am questioning any of your experience here - just need to clarify a few things to help me overcome the problems I am having with the 166s

1.) In KProbe, when scanning a DVD-R/+R with teh 166s, I get read speeds starting at 3.9 and ending at 9.1x If the drive were locked, shouldn’t it read at certain speed (like 6x, which is the only speed for the 166s displayed in CDBremse) ? What’s happening there?
2.) In the german forum, scans of recordable DVDs using KPRobe are quite popular and I was asked to do some tests on new printable +R media. Asking about the “locking” there, I got an email with a picture of CDBremse attached, showing the setting for the 165H locked at 4x. Is that drive “lockable”? Then it would be the drive of my choice, or is it not comparable quality-wise to the 166s?
3.) If I NEED a “speed-lockable” drive to use with KProbe, which would be the solution (even getting a “cheap” burner, if this is the only solution). Mind posting a suggestion?

Thanks for your answers & help

P.S. Have you ever heard of this problem with the 166s: XP refuses to boot, when there is no media present in the tray?

The DVDROM reads at 8x CAV, which is “3.8x to 9.1x”.

Regardless of what speed you set it at, it will read at 8x CAV in Kprobe. The only way to get reliable scans of DVD’s is with a LiteOn DVD burner, which does respond to the speed commands.
Suggest you have a look at the DVD test forum and the scanning sticky thread.