LiteOn 166s and CD-DVD Speed

Last week my old Pioneer dvd-rom died, so today I went to my local store and bought a LiteOn 166s.
After installation I tried a cd-dvd speed test with a dvd+r bitset to dvd-rom, and got a pretty nice graph starting at about 6-7x and ending at about 14-15x with a few drops at the end.

Anyway, since the drive was manufactured november 2003 I figured there should be som firmware updates for it, so I downloaded and flashed it to DS1C. At the same time I updated CD-DVD Speed to latest version 3.42.

And now I can’t do speed tests at the same speed anymore! :confused:
When using the same discs (dvd+r bitset to dvd-rom) the scanning starts at about 3.5x and ends at 8x, just like when I’m scanning a dvd-r. I don’t want it to be that way, I want to be able to scan at higher speeds.
Is there some kind of riplock on the firmware I downloaded, which wasn’t on the original one? Haven’t tried ripping a dvd yet so I don’t know the speed there…

Should I get another firmware? In that case, which one?


Codeguys have a speed hacked bios on their website

Yes, using a hacked firmware will solve your problems.

The problem is this: bitsetting to -ROM doesn’t work the same with all burners. NEC 25x0 burners, in particular. There is a thread about this problem in the NEC forum. But it seems that when a disc is bitset to -ROM with a NEC 25x0, some devices will detect it as -ROM, but some devices still detect it as +R. We don’t know why this is so, but the best guess is that there is some bug in the bitsetting that makes it “incomplete” and that devices that do a thorough check of the booktype field will still detect the disc as +R instead of -ROM.

The booktype reading seems to have changed from DS1A to DS1C. DS1A detected -ROM discs booktyped by the 25x0 as -ROM while DS1C was not fooled and reported it as +R. However, discs booktyped by other drives managed to fool DS1C.

It is possible that this “incomplete” booktype problem may affect other drives other than the NEC 25x0, but the only confirmed reports are for this drive.

So anyway, since DS1C is not fooled into thinking that it’s a -ROM disc, it will treat it as a +R and read it at 8x CAV. In which case, the only way to get it to read faster would be to either revert to DS1A or to use a hacked DS1C that reads all single-layer media at 16x, regardless of booktype.

Yeah, just as you guessed I have a 2510A. Never heard of this problem earlier though, thanx for the explanation.

Guess I will try the codeguys firmware instead, or revert back to the old one (which I of course did not save) now that I know which one to use.

Thanx again!

There is a thread about this problem with the 25x0, along with reports of behavior with other reading devices, in case you’re curious: [thread]99657[/thread]