LiteOn 166s - $26

Use this link because if you do a search for the drive you won’t find it for $26. The website is

Use this link…


Is it an actual 166S? A lot of sites will tell you it’s 166 but then ship you a 167. :frowning:

Just asking, not accusing. :wink:

  • Gurm

Is that a bad thing? :confused:

Yup your right 166S just like the tittle post says. I will confirm this site does advertise 166S but received a 167T.

Although I got a 167T, I was impressed by the companies transaction time. I placed the order yesterday morning and received it today. They’re about 1.5 hours away.

Just wondering but wouldn’t it a better investment to spend some more money and buy a DVDrw?
Unless you have one and needed an extra dvdrom. Who knows.