Liteon 165S6S firmware and writing problem

Hi everyone.
I’ve just purchased this drive (SATA), and I tried burning image (traxdate dvd+r 8x - ritek) in nero 7.2.
Drive slowed down at 3-4% but then continued burning normally (at 8x).

However while verifying 2 read errors appeared.

Then I put Benq DVD-R 16x in and repeated the procedure.
Same thing happened as well (on the same sectors), and the drive was only able to burn at 12x.

I haven’t been able to find firmware for this model, and LiteOn website isn’t working well currently.

Can I flash this drive with some other firmware (say 165H6?)

Anyone able to help?

Hi and welcome on CdFreaks. :slight_smile:
Which is the current firmware?
You can’t flash that drive with a firmware of another model (for example the 165H6S, that is a lightscribe).
However, I don’t think it’s a firmware problem. Which is your hardware and software configuration, especially motherboard and drivers IDE/SATA controller?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My MB is Abit AB9 Pro (intel 965P chipset).

DVD is connected on port 3/6 on intel ICH8 controller.
I could try connecting it to other two (silicon image and jmicron).

Can it be that Liteon has problems with ritek (especially with this firmware?)

I think firmware is D2 or something like that - I’m not home right now, I’ll check it when I return.
Can you give me some link where I could DL newer firmware ( doesn’t have it).

I’ve checked firmware.
It’s QS02.

However, drive seems to be working fine now.
I’ve burned MS disk (approx. 2gb) and veryfication went OK (traxdata value)

Afterwards I’ve burned data disc with nero and run benchmark.

Here are the results (Traxdata 8x classic).



In LiteOn website there isn’t any firmware update for that drive.
However, RiTEK isn’t the best choice for all dvd burners. :disagree:

Yes, I know ritek is kinda crappy, but I bought 25pcs for the price of 15 verbatim, so it was a good deal :wink: