LiteOn 165P6S trouble reading Some-self-good-burn disc (DVD+R), and DVD-Rom)



My drive has trouble from reading some disc. after 1 year (~200 burn)

When I insert disc it often show “CD Drive”
-> when double click windows say "Disk is not formatted
-> Fix by re-insert again and again until it show Lable, maybe 10 times

This disc can read easily by other LiteOn 165P6S from my friend (It is a Good scan) and my LG GCC-H21N (Combo drive)

3 DVD-Rom “The Lord of the Ring” has same problem fix by re-insert 2-3 times
(My Combo drive LG reading with no problem)

This drive still burn very well. Only reading problem with some media

What is problem?
Should I buy a new drive?