LiteOn 165P6S riplock?

Hey all,

I just got this drive installed to my system. Was trying to use it for a disc to disc dvd copy in Nero (not on the fly) and the fastest it seems to read at is 5,250MB. My Pioneer will read the same disc as fast as 14,000MB.

Is it possible the LiteOn drive has a riplock problem?


When you use the offical firmware, then the answer is yes ;).

Update to the latest testfirmware and faster reading is one of the enjoyable improvements.

So the newest firmware going around this forum is what I should grab?

I just upgraded to the new MSOP firmware and it hasn’t helped the read speed at all… is there a different firmware I should be using to speed up the read speed?

MS0P is the latest offical firmware, try MV9N

That firmware has worked beautifully! Thanks! And a huge thank you to Wind, the creator! :smiley: