LiteOn 165P6S problem

Hi I’m having a problem with my LiteOn 165P6S. It was working fine but all of a sudden it’s unable to read blank dvds or dvds I try to burn using it. It still reads ught dvds and cds. Noew when I try to open the drive after inserting a blank dvd an error message pops up saying “incorrect function” or “drive inaccesable”. When I open nero or some other similar probgramme and use the “disc info” function it still is able to tell me that I have a blank dvd installed…Any idea what the problem could be or is my drive just screwed? I have only had it for a few months and have used it for biurning a total of about 15 dvds …nothing more than that.


Don’t know if your problem is solved yet!
I just read your post yesterday. I was in the same situation yesterday…that is…I bought a new SONY DRU-120C and it was not working and showing this “incorrect function” error. After going home, I got it resolved in the evening.

So, here’s what I did:

  1. Open My Computer
  2. Right click on the Drive in question and open the properties.
  3. Click on Recording tab and check the “Enable CD recording on this drive” Option.

And, that’s it! It started working and I was able to record a few DVDs.

Hope this helps.

Hello Noelywire…

Have you got it working yet…? if so let me know I have been having similar problems for a couple of months with no luck solving it…

Just a question… when you say it was working fine during that time did you at any stage try and get it to read a blank cd…? I know you said that you’ve burned about 15 dvd’s but was this the first time you tried to burn something to a blank CD…maybe the problem was there from day one since you installed the drive?

Anyway… I’m looking for solutions from the manufacturers of my motherboard which is a MSI P 965Neo… All the things I 've tried seem to point to mother board drivers as some sort of conflict. Tell me… when you put the blank cd in the drive… try opening windows media player and see if it detects a dvd drive or burner?: Mine doesn’t so I can’t even burn using media player…

Thankfully I can burn cd’s using nero though!