Liteon 165P6S Glitches removed




can somebody please explain Glitches removed results in cd-dvd speed

The below scan looks fine, but it had 40k glitches removed, I have encountered this once before and only in my Liteon 165P6S(scan only)

thanks in advance


I can’t help answer your question at the moment… but DAMN, that’s a nice PIF scan! Only 11 total! drool :flower:


Yes this batch mit give very good results. I have searched on the term “Glitches removed” but have never found a clear answer, does anybody know what the term actually means



It is hard to believe that there are 40k glitches removed. Anyway, Nero CD-DVD Speed treats some upsurges of PIE/PIF as glitches and do not show them in the graph. However, some of those automatically removed “glitches” are indicative of errors inherent to the disc and should not have been treated as such. You’d better use KProbe to have control over removing high spikes as glitches or not.

BTW, it is not certain whether the PI/PO error rates reported by Liteon 165P6S are predicative of the errors to be encountered when the files are read by the same unit.