Liteon 165p6s-02c Help

Hi, this is really doing my head in so i hope someone can help.

I built my new pc 3 months ago and only yesterday tried to burn a dvd on new dvd writer (Liteon 165p6s-02c). Ive used it loads on cds both data and audio and its been fine, But when i tried to burn a data dvd (On a Datawrite Titanium Dvd-R 8x) the drive sounds like its speeding up and down and i cant eject even when ive aborted the burn program.

I tried it with different disk (Memorex Dvd+RW) and it seemed to burn fine, I also tried another type (Datasafe Dvd+r DL) and it also worked fine.

This writer is said to support nearly all formats. I dont know if its a coincidence but it worked on both + formats but failed on - format 3 times.

Ive updated to the latest firmware.

Does this just sound like my writer isnt good with Datawrite Titanium Dvd-R 8x and i should try another brand or could there be a problem with my drive?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It will spin up and down for about a minute before starting the actual burn. That’s normal with -R discs. If it last longer than that, the Datawrite discs are probably not the best/most compatible for your drive.

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I suggest taking a coffee/water break while the drive does its thing. if it’s still spinning up and down for more than 2 minutes, it probably really really hates the media. if you get a chance, could you post the media id? the info tab in nero cd-dvd tools should do the trick. if you know about ht and os, make sure they are off.