LiteOn 165H6S Test Firmware Results

This thread is for the displaying and discussion of the results of LiteOn test firmware for the 165H6S model.

Please do not use this thread to request upgrades for this drive.

Please do not use LiteOn support for any problems/issues/bugs with these test firmwares. Please post all results here whether good or bad, or explain the problem you are experiencing.

165H6S HV7U

TYG03 @ 16x
OS = off, HT = off
Burn time: 6:11

First burn on fresh batch of bulk 100 pack. PIE seems high, but I’m used to using DVD+r and this is the first DVD-r for me, so I really don’t know what to make of it. :confused:

PIF is the best I’ve seen from this drive with either media type. :smiley:

I’ll try the same media with HT on and post results.

165H6S HV7U

TYG03 @ 16x
OS = off, HT = on
Burn time: 5:54

Seemed to be cruising along nicely until it hit 3.8GB then got about 250 PIF’s in a span of a few hundred MB’s. Still a nice score, but this is TY, so I expect better. :iagree:

I’ll try another disc tomorrow and post the results. Bed is calling…

dahammer, welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

16x TY media is not raved about as much as their 8x media. I think I’d be pretty pleased with those results based on what I have seen from other drives burning that media. The second disc appears to have a flaw at 3.8GB as well.

And FYI, the PNG format is the best to use for displaying scans on the forum:

I’ll look forward to seeing the next burn of that media. Thanks. :slight_smile:

TDK TTH02 @16x
OS = on, HT = on

Movie image burned with Nero.
-R problem is fixed. Played fine on standalone Pioneer (old) player and 2 years is old JVC without any problems.
Thank you!!! :clap:

First burn with HV7U
Fuji brand Ritek R03 :Z
HT=on OS=on

Philips brand CMC mag E01 :sad: :Z
HT=on OS=on This disc took 4 min. to write the lead in. :confused:

barebear, those scans are orrible! :Z

GSC003@12x, PIF is okay but PIE is higher than my 1635. This is one from it.

Yeah I know haven’t got a good burn from this drive yet. PIE’s are always real high.

don’t expect too much from low quality media…

My scans. OS on HT on.

Verbatim MCC 004 :clap: This is the best burn I’ve got from this drive.

HeHe…It seems I still have some work to do, especially for these media. :smiley:

Sometimes the problem is the media, but however you are great! :iagree:

Originally posted by [B]C0deKing[/B]…
And FYI, the PNG format is the best to use for displaying scans on the forum:

Oops… Thanks I will remember to do this. Much easier, too!

awesome. I’m not sleeping tonight.
OS on, HT on 12x

HT on, OS on, 12x

It seems stupid me forgot to reboot after flashing the drive. :doh:
Here’s another try with Fuji brand Ritek R03. Second scan is MCC 02RG20.

165H6S HV7U

TYG03 @ 16x
OS = off, HT = on
burn time: 5:52

Repeat burn on my new TYG03’s. Last burn with HT on had high PIF’s at 3.8GB. Nice to see it was just the one disc. :slight_smile: