Liteon 165H6S speed issue

I installed a Liteon 165H6S and when trying to burn Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x (or any media), am presented with the choice of 6x, 8x or max. Regardless of which speed I select, burns complete at 3x. DMA is enabled, the DVD is recognized and burns fine, ASPI isn’t installed but a Pioneer DVD writer has worked fine for over a year and the drive is at 0% defragmentation although the Pioneer doesn’t care. How can I fix this? Thankyou

Anybody here have experience with Liteon support? It’s been 96 hours with no reply to an email I sent. Thinking it may have never been received, another was sent using a different email service but no reply there either in 24 hours. Don’t they provide electronic confirmation of received emails because I never got one and have no idea if any email was actually received? BTW, some of the burns at 3x are fine and others aren’t, so I assume the unit is defective. Thanks

I use the 165H6S with Nero software with excellent results. Nero InfoTool reports a System ASPI (in use) and Nero ASPI available. I recommend you go online to Nero and download/install a trial version to check for any improvement.

Thanks for the reply. I finally heard from support but no help there and the unit was returned and replaced by a BenQ 1655. Works great. Thanks anyway.