Liteon 1653SX Problems

I bought the Liteon SOHW -1653SX external drive a few months ago and just recently it’s started to not recognise DVDs. It will play some dvds and not others. What happens is when I place a disc in the drive and set it off, you can hear it trying to pick it up, then it just starts to make a shuddering noise.

I’ve never updated the firmware on it since I bought it (wouldn’t know how to) it’s something which seems to happen on a much more regular basis.

Can anyone help? I’m using it on a PC with Windows XP

What discs is it not recognising…pressed ones, or burned/blank ones?

Always original DVDs, blank ones work fine

I’m not good with externals, so I can only be of limited help here. :wink:

It maybe a silly question, but have you tried giving the pressed discs a clean?

Some kind of copy protection may be the culprit, but I’m not sure…

Yup, I clean the disks each time. Sometimes if I place them into a standard DVD player then put them back into the burner then they work again.