Liteon 1653s - Unable to read CDs


I’m a little confused.

I bought a new 1653s DVD burner and used it for a week, burning CDs and DVDs, the burner was great.
Last night I was burning a CD using Nero and my computer crashed when the burn reached 100%. Since then I have been unable to read CDs using that burner, I can read DVDs but not CDs. I tried updating the BIOS to CSOC but still can’t read CDs. I have tried booting from a dos boot disk and still can’t read the CD.

Has to be a problem with the drive???

Any suggestions??

I had the same issue on a 1653s. After an audio CD burn, Nero ( sent errors while finalizing the CD (100%) and then, I was unable to read CD’s anymore.
DVD part was OK.

I tested the DVD drive on another PC and no CD was recognized either.

I decided to put another DVD writer (a 1633s) and same thing occured :a . After a CD burn, no more CD was recognized and the DVD part was OK.

I guess a problem with Nero and this drive while burning a CD. it is very very strange and I am so confused now. Should I buy another one ? but I fear Liteon now :sad:

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There has been a lot of reports of this problem on cdf. It’s interesting that you were both using Nero Nero released very shortly after was release, which usually indicates that there was a serious problem with the previous version.

One of the moderators Wesociety had a lockup at 100% burning a CD-R with his 1633S. He was quite concerned that he was going to be left with the same problem you have (and the drive was been used for a review at the time). He exited the lockup by using the system’s reset button and the drive was still able to burn CD-Rs. What method did you guys use to get out of the lockup situation and also what firmware version were you using?

Same problem with a real 1653 and also with a 1633S upgraded with codeking cross flash CS09 fw.

I started to burn a cd with Nero (latest v.) and the burning stop at 100%.

After taht I used Dvd identifier (for dvd media) and Smartburn (for cd media).

The answer is: Dvd media ere right recognized / cd media are not recognized.

It’s already second unit (1633s first and 1653s now) has the same problem.

I think that should be a comon problem about optical unit.

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Thanks for the info. That clears up the matter about Nero Yes the general consensus is that the OPU is failing, and Liteon tech support suggested to one member that it sounded like an OPU problem.

so, it’s CS09 + Nero problem…?
or CS09 Problem…?
or Nero problem…?

It’s not because bovirus said it happen to him using and I know people have had the same problem using BSxx firmware, so it’s not specifically a CS09 problem either.

I confirm you that it’s a OP problem.

I replace the bad unit with another one (same brand/model) and the problem disappeared (I don’t know if the problem will appaera again with the new unit)

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I am not sure if I used or, and I cannot confirm that as I have uninstalled Nero to do further test…

As I said, I have broken (I fear that OP unit is definitely crashed) two units (1653s and 1633s) and bovirus confirmed the problem on nero also with two units :confused:

So I doubt that it is a firmware problem but a nero problem !

Wow I should check this more often, thanks for all the reply’s.

After the original problem I changed my BIOS from CS02 to CS0C (the latest) and still have a problem.

I moved the drive to another PC with an older version of Nero (5.5.something) running and it still wouldn’t read CDs. It would read CDs before the crash but wont now.

It seems like Nero has caused a hardware problem with the drive??? Something that I wouldn’t think was very likely let alone possible.

After some investigation I don’t think Nero was to blame I think it would have happened with any CD Burning software, I think the drive has been manufactured with a potential problem and burning a CD causes that problem to come to life. Sounds strange but its the best and most likely thing I can think of.

Lite-on stuff used to be really good, I guess times change.

I’m going to do a change over with the shop, only problem is that I ordered it online so it could take a while. Ill let you know how I go when I get the replacement drive.

I know this is stupid but does this maybe also go for the Sony DW-D22A. I am having the same problem. Was there any follow up on a way to potentially FIX this issue?
Ezra Moore

i have the same problem with Sony D23A , reads no cd’s anymore.
i used Nero 6608.With cloce cd , same result.
What to do now…

i mean CLONE CD

Interesting…I have the same problem. After the initial crash, I flashed back to the latest firmware for DW22A and ran the Sony test software and the report stated that everything was functional with the drive (CD reads specific). However, when I put a CD in the drive…nothing ! I flashed to SOHW 1633 - DVD fine…no CDs, flashed to 1653S - DVD fine…no CDs. I am going to assume that the drive must be bad.

i received a new one from the store.However , i sold it and bought me a burner with lightscribe , very nice