LITEON 1653S & Matshita UJDA740 & Multisession



Hi there,

This is my first post, so firstly I’d like to say hello to everybody.

I’ve just bought a external LiteON 1653S because the Matshita UJDA740 fitted in my Acer Aspire 1600 is just a combo unit. The LiteON seems to work OK, but the Matshita unit doesn’t seem to like the DVDs burnt by the LiteON very much. Specially those done with multisession.

I think I already detected this issue with other multisession DVDs burnt with other burners, but I’m not pretty sure now. Any experiences about this? I’ve updated LiteON’s firmware with the latest version, but didn’t improve it. I cannot find firmware for the Matshita (ACER support sucks!). Only for those fitted in DELLs or IBMs… may these updates work with mine? Could I try another burning software? So far I’ve used Nero

What is your opinion about the 1653S? I haven’t read many good things, actually. Anyway, I’ll just use mainly for backups at low speeds (4x-8x).



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Ok, sorry for the mistake.