LiteOn 1653S & Bulkpaq Media

I’ve had an NEC 1300 4x DVD Writer for a while and with one of Herries ( :bow: ) wonder firmware hacks it burned any piece of junk I threw at it. I mostly used BulkPaq which I know are rubbish but the NEC didn’t mind :slight_smile:

I’ve just moved to the LiteOn SOHW-1653S for faster burns and DL and have had more coasters from my Bulkpaq rubbish media than I’ve had hot dinners.

I know you are all going to tell me to buy new media but I did a bulk buy a while ago and have around 100 of the Bulkpaq White 4x Generation 4 +R discs and around another 50 of the Bulkpaq Orange 4x Generation 4 -R discs.

I’m happy to lose the -R discs as I know the 1653 prefers +R but I would like to use at least some of the Bulkpaq +R discs. I can get the +R discs to work but the smartburn buffer goes like crazy from 100% down to 2% and then back up, and it takes over 25mins to burn a disc !! Even then around 1 in 4 is a coaster.

I’ve looked at Omnipatcher but I’m not sure I understand it yet. My problem is the type of disc these Bulkpaq White +R are supposed to be. They report an ISO001 001 type??? Anybody know what this is, and whether it has a setting in omnipatcher?

Or is my liteon never going to burn these discs properly? :confused:

Just read up about Kprobe and PI/PO results. I’ve probed one of these bulkpaqs that worked and the results are worse than horrible :Z

It had a max PI of 898 !!! I think they will all go into the bin as it’s not worth the agro trying to get them to work.

Off to buy some 8x Ritek’s (RICOHJPN R01) I’ve found at CD-R Media for 0.30 (UK Sterling) each.

Lucky my Yamada DVX-6700 plays any of the junk I’ve burned before. Teach me to me a tight wad and get the cheapest discs I could find :smiley:

Look in the code swapping and Media code edit information.

By patching the code in and swapping it to…

My recollection is that either Prodisc R02, or Prodisc R03 and knock the 8x speed off, would do well for IS01 001.

I tried it @ Prodisc R03 8x in a 1213S (TS0C patched by hand at the time).
The 4x zone was pretty rough, the 6x excellent, and the 8x appalling - if the strategies work as well or better, getting a 1653S to do it at 6x CLV on the Prodisc R03 strat may be a good burn at 50% overspeed on VERY cheap media

Sorry call me thick but I’m OK about swapping the code to be a Prodisc 02 etc it’s just that I don’t know which code I am starting from? IS01001 is not listed in the 240 codes?

I’m looking for a definative “how to” manual if there is such a thing, rather than trawling through hundreds of posts?

Thanks again

Right worked it all out using Media Code Speed Edit. Anyway, disks are not all from the same batch and are not IS01 after all.

Some have No Manufacturer ID so are useless, and some have MEDIA ID001 which again is as good as useless. Decided to bin the lot as my Riteks will be here tomorrow. All other’s are still in sealed spindles so I will just list these on Ebay when I sell the NEC 1300 as they work fine with Herries Firmware.

I did manage to change the x4 speed of the MEDIA ID001 to x6 with omnipatcher so I know how that works now. Would not burn though.

At least it was good training into DVD Media types and what you can do with the firmware :smiley: