Liteon 1653s, bad very bad :(



I have a liteon SOHW 1653S and always had some problems.
In the first period of its life it worked with no problems, but almost three months ago it started doing some strange things when writing lead-in and lead-out dealing also with power calibration errors.

Now it started making bad sounds from inside when I put a Memorex 8x DVD-R (CMC MAG AE1) and won’t recognize the DVD at all. The sound seems the same when the motor that moves the laser pickup want to move it outside the guides (“stack stack”).

If I put another kind of writeable DVD (Verbatim or also Fujifilm for example) there seems to be no problem, also no problem with any recordered or printed DVD (Memorex also works in this case).

What’s up? Maybe the laser is deteriorating?

edit: I forgot to say that it happened with CSTR firmware, so I went back to CS0M and erased EEPROM media learnings, but still happens.


sounds just like probelsm i got after cstr :frowning:


after thinking bout what to do i think i figured it out :slight_smile:

here is what i did

i flashed back to 1633 bsos, then back to csop (i thought i might give that a try althou i do like csom better) and my burns are better again, althou i still have problems with ttg02 media at rated speed if i burn at 4x no power problems, bsos didnt have problems at all

reset media too,

i will try a few differnt disc and see how its going, glad i flashed back and back again :slight_smile:

so u might want to try that out as it did help me so far


Mine is a pure 1653S and, as I said above, I backflashed to CS0M but the drive still doesn’t recognize the CMC MAG AE1 discs at all :frowning:

About lead-in and calibration problems, they started when I had CS0M firmware, then upgraded to CS0P and still were problems, now with CSTR the drive started also misrecognizing DVDs. That’s really a bad thing, I never expected so many problem with a liteon recorder :sad:


that sucks, wish i could help u out on that one, maybe codeking will have a idea for u



Why did you first flash BS0S, and then CS0P? Why not going straight to CS0P? Or did you burn with BS0S to try out before flashing CS0P? Otherwise, what’s the benefit of it?
I’m still using CSTR at the moment. Results look good, I hope there will be an official release (CS0R?) any day now. Still, once I had to make a backup of a movie and the dvd was not recognised by CS0P. I flashed BS0S and everything was back to normal. I think BS0S is probably the best firmware ever made for the 1633. Too bad there is no successor anymore…

:clap: Leo


i hade to flash back because of very bad burns and things, then i flashed back to 1653, might be going back to csom tho, as mcc 004 media was good until the last 1/4 of the disc and pif over 100 for a lot of the end

i got to say tho, mcc 003 back to normal burns tho, where before i did this after going from csom to cstr it went bad burns,

i will go to csom again today or tommorow and post if it helped