Liteon 1653 is dead (I think)

This is my first post, so be nice:

I have a Liteon 1633 flashed to 1653, and recently purchased some Verbatim 16x DVD-R’s on sale. Every time I burn, nero and dvd decrypter both come up with a media error. I shot email’s off to Liteon and Verb. support. Liteon didn’t respond, Verb. just sent me new DVD’s. Well, the new one’s give the same error.

So, I guess it’s time for a new burner… I’ve seen Pioneer 111D/112D, LG 22N/42N, and Liteon 18A1P’s suggested. I only use my burner for backing up movies, and maybe an occasional music CD. I don’t particularly need fancy bell’s and whistle’s, just good, solid movie burns. Which of the above models (or any other suggestions) would be best for my uses. It does not need to be a good reader, I already have a Liteon 167T for that.

Also, here is the NERO fail log for my current burner in case someone can tell me what’s wrong with it:
The log shows a burn at 6x, but I’ve also tried 8x and 12x, all with the same results.