Liteon 1653 - Can't Set Booktype?



Hello all! :slight_smile:

I have a Liteon 1653S running the latest Firmware CS0C…I know this drive supports Bitsetting…and I’m trying to change a Traxdata DL 8.5GB disk into DVD-ROM type to be able to play in my home player.

I have the Liteon Utility (Booktype) and it wont change?? says ‘changed successfully’…but it aint!!..still shows as DVD+R DL??..Nero still reports the same… :confused:

Tried using DVDInfoPro to change the Booktype of the disk…but all that comes up with is…‘it appears your drive does not support booktype’???

Any ideas peep?? :sad:


After you burn it…it still reports as DVD+R DL?


you have to set the booktype before burning. the drive will remember the bitsetting, even after a restart.


i think there’s a new version out. download version 1.35


The Disc-Type wont change at all, it’s still DVD+R (and reported as such). The Booktype will be set upon burning (and reported as DVD-ROM then), while the Disc-Type again will stay DVD+R.


The booktype utility does not display the current booktype setting on the disc. It displays the type of disc (+R/+RW) and the booktype setting to use on the next burn. You need to use DVD Identifier, Nero CD-DVD Speed, [thread=93944]KProbe[/thread] etc. to display the current booktype setting on the disc. :wink:


That’s what I meant! :wink: My post was kind of a explanation, not a question. hehe


Sorry, yes, when I reread it, I can see that now. :wink:


You need to use DVD Identifier, Nero CD-DVD Speed, KProbe etc

Used all of them…and disc is still reported as DVD+R DL!!..after a supposedly successful book type change with the Liteon Util??..

These disks are expensive and I don’t wanna waste it if its not gonna be recognised as a DVD-ROM in my player?? I know it don’t read DVD+R DL!!

DVDInfoPro still maintains the drive don’t support Bitsetting?? :frowning:


too difficult for the peeps here?


maybe its a bad drive…
i would try a stock flash and then try setting the book type with the currentbooktype util 1.35 i think it is…
your +r is set aswell? maybe just try on a +R to find out if it works. cheaper then 13 bucks a disc
if it doesnt work RMA it


Scaramonga, you set the booktype to DVD-ROM with the Lit-On Utility…, then you burn the disc, and after the burn you will can see the booktype=DVD-ROM.

Recently I formated the HD and I installed WXP SP2 (before I used SP1)…, well, when I used SP1 I set DVD-ROM with Lite-On Utility -> “Query” and the utility showed “DVD-ROM”. Now (with SP2) I set DVD-ROM in Lite-On Utility ->“Query” and it shows “DVD+R”…, the same with Kprobe, DVD-Identifier and Nero CD-DVD Speed…, but after the burn…, all utilities sohw: “DVD-ROM”…, and the disc can play without problems in my standalone Panasonic.
This happend to me with 812S and the new 1673S.


Can you explain this then?


It seems to be that you have a firmware problem: “F/W no support !”


i’ve the same problem with an 851 at work with the bitset program from liteon, but with cd/dvdspeed it is ok and functioning


Booktype Uti…won’t change Booktype at once…
It will change booktype when you burn your disc!
follow this wizard:
1.Run booktype 1.3.5 and change booktype into DVD-ROM. click change botton and it will display ‘changed successfully’. closs booktype 1.3.5 (booktype has been changed into your 1653s’s EEPROM)
2.Run Nero Burning ROM and burn disc normally. 1653s will change booktype automaticlly before burning.
3.After burning. you can check booktype with booktype 1.3.5 .

It will display message like this:

Current Disc Type: DVD+R DL
Current Booktype: DVD-ROM
Change Booktype to NORMAL (disabled…gray…)

change botton has been disabled also.
And it will display : Disc is not empty!

It works…Trust me ,I have been burned DVD+R DL twice, success both of them!


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