LiteOn 1653 and Nero 7

I need again some help.
I am trying to erase “deep” some CD+RW and DVD+RW… but for the first time I have an issue with this.

Nero answers that the “CD or DVD” is not rewritable.

I did this with the same PC many time… and I have also the latest firmware for the LiteOn.

The discs are Verbatim Data Life Plus and not “cheap” ones.

Is there any solution.
I have reinstalled Nero and reflashed the LiteOn 1653…
This forum has always solved my issues… then I’m confident “it” will again :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

The problem was Alcohol 52… after reinstalling the latest version… now the CD and DVD are recognized again and re-erasable…

I found also anothe issue in the new Alcohol posted in their forum…