LiteOn 165 speed adjustment

I currently have my LiteOn installed as a replacement drive in my Sampo cloned DVD player.

The problem is that this drive is so noisy in this environment, that it’s quite distracting. Normally in a PC everything is humming along, so a little extra wouldn’t be noticed.

Does anyone know of a firmware fix to bring the speed down to 6 or 8x rather than the current 16x

Any help or comments would be most appreciated :slight_smile:

no firmwares changes the speeds as far as I know.

Tried Drivespeed from or CD-Bremse from ?

wow that was quick :slight_smile:

I’d heard of software based speed governing, but since the drive is installed in a DVD player that’s not really an option.

I’d not found CD-Bremse , so I’ll pop off there now and have a look.

I don’t read anything other than English, so CD-Bremse was a bit of a problem for me, but looking at the pictures it didn’t seem to offer me a fix either.

I’ll keep digging around the net and see what I can come up with.