LiteOn 163D with DVDx 1.8

Hi guys, I had to buy this drive over the weekend as I still having problems with reading.

Anyway bought this drive (2nd time around) and tried it out for a trial run using DVDx 1.8a.

For people who don’t know what the program is it rips DVD’s and converts them to VCD/SVCD format which can burned using Nero. Well I ripped and encoded a short movie I had at home (58 mins) and waited for my dvd/pc to do it’s work. After only 1hr 19 mins (real time) I had a backup of my DVD on a CD as a VCD.

If you haven’t tried this before try it with your LTD163 and the freeware program DVDx 1.8a.

chrome ;0)

My pc specs are: 1.8ghz Athlon CPU, 512 DDR ram with 40GB Seagate Barracuda HDD (7,200rpm)


Sounds good - just been browsing around and found the latest version 2.0 but it does not say it supports xp ?

Whats your o/s buddy.:slight_smile:

Just checked out there site and yes version 2.0 does support WinXP, have give it a try it’s easy enough to use and the results are great, oh yeah, did I forget to mention it is FREEWARE.

chrome ;0)

Sounds nice, but I’d rather wait for DVD burner prices to fall. Should be about 50% less than current prices by end of this year :slight_smile: