LiteOn 1635S Firmware?

I have 2 questions.

  1. What’s the best firmware out for the LiteOn 1635S?

  2. Where can I get it?

I mainly gonna be using this LiteOn drive for FujiFilm TY CD-R’s.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Storm

Anyone have any comments??

Right now im using stock YS0F the first one probably, or close to it.

Really would like some advice, thanks very much.

best firmware? a patched YV6P:

What’s the best actual firmware version from LiteOn themself. I dont wanna mess with any test, or tampered with versions of firmwares.

Thanks for any help. Storm~

Take the latest. That’s all you can get these days but there shouldn’t be any problems with that.

YS0Z is the latest official:

I you use it for reading and want to make it faster by removing rip lock, download
and Omnipatcher from to patch it. It is really easy and worths it. It will read much-much faster.

Does Omnipatcher actually work with 5S firmwares? :confused:

no. i have some files here named e.g. [I]1635S.YV6P.patched-fbd-16xOS-rs[/I], but i can’t finde the according thread.
anyways, it’s a fastburn/16xoverspeed/readspeed patched firmware.

you should have tried this before suggesting it…

Oups, the drive I patched was a 1653. I am sorry, the model number is very similar and I got confused. I apologize.