LiteOn 1635S Fast Burn (sneak peek)

LiteOn 1635S Fast Burn

Well I’ve been working on this one for some time, but I ran into a problem with 12x burning causing a very bad error spike on most media. Thanks to some information I received recently about drive mechanisms, I was able to figure out how to overcome the problem.

I’ve run a lot of tests on it checking for the effects of buffer urnderrun and making sure it returns to the correct RPM and I’ve found one small issue that I need to resolve. Also I don’t want to affect the results of the test firmware, so I will hold off the release until there is an official 1635S HT/OS firmware, as I feel that HT/OS is also a big plus for this patch (quality and allowing a lot of media to burn at 12x) and probably the best thing that has happened to a DVD writer in some time. :slight_smile:

Here are the initial results:

First Burn and second burn of this media. Second burn in 6:35.

Verbatim MCC004 @ 12x

TYG02 @ 12x DVD-R

Ricoh R02 @ 12x

Ricoh R02 @ 8x

Well that’s every disc I’ve burnt so far. I haven’t left any out, except for scan 01 which was just a -R simulate.

So you can see the results using HT/OS are just amazing and I’m sure the results without HT/OS (even though most of these would have burned at 8x) will be good as well (based on previous firmware tests). :slight_smile:

Very nice C0deKing… and the 12x write curve looks very familiar… :wink:

Does it… I guess someone else must have had the same problem that this drive had. :wink:

Those burns look excellent. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this whenever you choose to release it.

I’m no longer having any regrets over buying a 1635S instead of a 1693S, after getting HyperTuning/OverSpeed and soon the chance for even faster 8x/12x burns! :slight_smile:

Is the funny looking 12x burn a way of avoiding vibrations in the drive at a certain rotational speed, or is there another reason for this?

You got it. :iagree:

You know, if you want to burn fast at 12x, all you need is an LG. :stuck_out_tongue:

T02 burned at 12x in under 6:30:

DAMN nice quality at 12x. this mean that higher read speeds possible? (ie riplock patch)

WOOT benq write strat curves.

My oldest DVD burner is a 12x Plextor PX-712A and it can burn a full DVD at 12x P-CAV in 6:20 with good quality for MCC 004 and YUDEN000 T03 media, and it will burn a full DVD at 8x P-CAV in 7:45.

But I also want my other burners to burn fast and with good quality at 8x and 12x including my LiteOn 1635S. Buying an LG just for the purpose of getting fast 12x burns is not quite what I had in mind! :wink:

i like these Fast burn patch from Codeking, Our Master :bow:

i will be all over this patch once its release to the public :smiley:


LOL :slight_smile:

You can be as rude as you like. But it’s still a valid question. Almost any other brand of writer will exceed the speed and quality of a LiteOn. Why must we keep hacking and modding just to get the same performance that other drives give us? And why bother? Why waste the media on testing? Not intended to take anything away from the work that goes into all this, I’m sure we all appreciate it. I’m just tired of seeing every new series from LiteOn being such a big disappointment.

Can’t say that my LG 4163b is very impressive. My Lity 1635 is a lot better and it can do quality scans. Many thanks to Wind, Codeking and all the others who are doing a good job here.

I think the rude person is the one that always posts an LG scan in the LiteOn threads. This is by no means the first time and I was very tempted to remove your post. Please don’t do it again.

Feel free, and drop dead.