Liteon 1633sx firmware upgrade causes coaster city

Let me begin by apologising if this has been posted before - I couldn’t find the answer by searching the forum, but I guess that doesn’t mean this hasn’t been asked before!

I recently upgraded the firmware of my Liteon 1633sx (USB) drive, since it wasn’t recognising 16x media as such (it was seeing them at 12x and burning accordingly). (F/W

All seemed to go fine with the flash proceedure.
However, attempts to burn such discs in nero now generate reliable coasters, every time (disc verification fails in all cases). Looking at the discs, the drive seems to write data on top of data: only part of the surface is written with an extra-dark track for part of it. The media is recognised correctly in nero, and the burning phase is reported as being ok.

The media I am trying to use are Ritek Ridisc Xtreme 16x DVD+R.

Slower speed discs (e.g. a TDK 4x one I had lying around) seem unaffected.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated; alternatively, is there a way of getting hold of an earlier firmware (only the current version seems to be available on the Liteon site), so I can at least use these discs, albeit at the slower speed?


The 1633s and 1653s are similar drives, and the sx just means an external version of this drive. I’m afraid this drive is also nicknamed a good 8x burner since their performance above 8x is unreliable/inconsistent. Stick to 8x or less for quality sake. Time difference isn’t worth it (especially with this burner)

Thanks for the advice.

:slight_smile: NP … also congrats on ur joining on this forum. Wish you good luck :slight_smile: