LiteOn 1633SX (external)

ok, first post: here goes…

just got the above external drive. had read errors on first two attempts :a , then updated firmware. burnt one dvd ok. system@ wix xp pro, athlon 2 gig, 512mb ram, plenty of hd space, datawrite yellows 8x media.

the problem:
i used “1clickdvdcopy” and “copy to dvd” to achieve the successful copy, but the copying process took 2 hours plus at what looked like 6x speed (i lost count actually!). the drive warned me about my connection NOT being usb2, but i cant upgrade that at the moment.

this was the first dvd of lord of the rings extended version, so may be a “bad” example, as its a long film anyway. i have downloaded dvdshrink and dvd decrypter, but havent tried them yet. is the 2 hours plus normal for 4.3gig ish single layer media, as ive read posts of this taking 15/20/30 mins tops.

any tips re: 1) the drive itself, and 2) software that may speed up the copying process would be welcomed :bow:

many thanks.

i have the same burner. but mine is it is called iomega super dvd writer 16x dual format usb2.0. same people make both. if you dont have UBS2.0 it will burn much slower. i use made in japan disc. i have not firmwared it yet but i can’t understand why i should yet. if you have room in your puter you can add. my hubby added usb2.0 in his for 30.00 himself and added firewirealso. his burner liteon wirefire. i use nero sometime. but mostly decrypter and shrink have less problems. takes me 20mins max.

Why is my drive burning and/or reading so slow and poorly?
A: Please download and run KProbe2, and under the “Info” menu, select “Drive.” Query the drive and notice the burst rate of the drive. If the burst rate of your drive is less than 20 MB/s, then you have a problem with how your system is interfacing with the drive. Almost always, this translates to DMA not being enabled for your drive in your system configuration, which leads to slower reading and writing speeds and poor write quality. i got this info from the lite-on forum. check there for more info

im only getting a 6.70MB burst
dont know how to change this


I downloaded KProbe2 and it doesnt even “see” the External drive, so I cant do the test. I can only think thats USB2 (upgrading to) is the problem, as Windows insists on reminding me that the External drive is a “high speed” usb device, and that performance will decrease if used with standard usb. Any other ideas?

Re DMA, this is only a selectable option for my hard drive (obviously you may say!), and there are no settings in device mgr that i can see to change this for the external drive.

try going to the Recording Hardware Forum, subheading Liteon forum maybe you can get more help as you can see i am new also but have no problems with my burner unless i use bad media. sorry i can’t help more :slight_smile: CINDI

I dont think kprobe works for external devices and yes your right there are no dma settings for USB. You do need to have ASPI installed in Win XP for uSB external writers in able the drive to work properly.

kprobe2 does work with the SX. I use it. But I have 6.70MB’s in the drive query on usb 2.0, how do I change this? It’s no wonder my buffer levels in Nero always fluctuates but still completes a burn. And it never burns at the desired speed, it always burns slower.

Hi, Kprobe does work with usb2 devices without any problems. I have a 1633sx usb 2 burner and I use Kprobe. Although when I connect it a usb1 port the burn times increase. To decrease the burn times get a internal usb2 pci card. Or if you are using a laptop (as I do) get usb 2 card bus.

I hope this helps