Liteon 1633s



I’ve got liteon 1633s and lately i bought DVD +R DL x2,4 (it very expensive in my country). DVD name was Paltinum, maybe somebody know it. when i tested it in nero cdDVDspeed it showed me that it is MCC product. is it good for liteon ? and i’ve got another question. does anybody know where from i can get information about the DVD manufacturers. becouse my burner is very fastidious:-/.


burning dvd+r9 with a 1633s isn’t a good idea… with a 1653s firmware the results are not perfect, but way better than with a 1633s.

recommended (dvd+r) media for liteons are fuji (yuden t02/3), verbatim (mcc002/3/4) and some philips (ricohjpnr01/2).


thank you very very much!
but where in my country i find yuden t02/3 :-(. also hard to find is mcc. I had Platinum RW (ricohjpn01/2) and it perfect but now i bought the same and its somethin mkm, but i dont know what it is?


where do you live?

verbatim media is always mcc. here in germany i can get namesless yuden t02 for €6,90, but they are hard to find because they’re so cheap and mayn people buy them.

i bought platinum discs two times and they were mbi (moser baer india) both times, crap discs.


heh youre near me :wink: i’m from poland!
but finding a yuden here it must be hard becuse i have never had something like this :-/ most of all we’ve got VSBP0001 i dont what is it. but 1 DVD costs 1 zl = 1/4 euro in poland. platinum are called good disc and all magazines call them good and relaiable for storage. verbatim are 1/3 more expensive than paltinum. i’ll try verbatim maybe maybe it will be a verbatim :slight_smile:


my 1633@1653 csom (maybe it was cstj) 4x burns on verbatim dl disc’s where very very good, in the 90’s

right now on cstr, should try one soon tho since no one else has posted a scan, so be watching out in the cstr thread if u wanna see