LiteOn 1633s

I just got this new burner and it gave me trouble burning pass 1.6x I RMA’ed 2 brand new burner with the same problem (wont pass 1.6x). I even reinstalled my OS thinking that it might fix the problem but it didn’t. is there anyone here had the same problem? Or what can I do to fix it?

@ junior _otaru
Welcome:). The first step would be to Check your DMA. Also, make sure you have an 80-wire IDE cable connected to the drive.

I checked the DMA settings and its at Ultra DMA mode and as for the cable, did you mean 40pin cable (actually 39 coz one pin is not being used)?

40 pin cable with 80-wire.

@ junior_otaru
The 80-wire cable is recommended, but not absolutely neccessary for burning at up to 8x…for above that, you may find it is needed. You can count the ridges/wires on your IDE ribbon to see if it an 80 or 40 wire. Since you have UDMA going, I think you may have a poor media problem. Can you post the media code for the media you are using?