Liteon 1633s-troubleshooting



Ok, this may seem like a dumb question, but I’m stumped. I have a Liteon 1633s that I had previously installed in my computer. Last year, due to spyware infection, I wiped my HD and reloaded everything. Now, my computer recognizes my drive as a standard CD ROM, but it won’t detect it as a DVD-rw. I went to the Lite on site thinking i needed a driver or firmware, but now I don’t think so. My understanding is that I need “writing software.” I also searched the software disks that came with the drive, and its only commercial software. I think i may have lost the vital disk. If anyone could help me figure this out, I would appreciate it…


Mine came with Nero and PowerDVD, both OEM. Thats all. Windows should detect the drive when you install it and provide the nescessary drivers. Formerly I had it installed in Windows ME and was presented as CD-rom too. It was full functional as DVD-writer however. Now I’m running Windows XP-pro and it’s presented as DVD-RW. Maybe it helps to remove the drive in Device Manager and let Windows redetect the drive upon reboot. It might be succesful.

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Hmm, well, that didn’t seem to work. I am running on windows 2000 Pro, SP 2. I use nero 6 as my burning software. Whenever I run it though, the only device it recognizes is an image recorder, a virtual device. I have tried everything I can think of as far as software, and troubleshooting the device. I checked the connections, the master/slave setting, etc. installed it again etc. I have a sony crw230e CDRW that is having the same problems, but I figure that the liteon is more vital, and If I can figure out what is wrong with it, I can probably figure out the sony as well.


Is it possible, that you are running an OEM version of Nero of a different drive brand? In that case the solution is simple. Load the original version supplied with the drive, or at least use the serial. If you don’t have that you can download a trial version you can use for a limited time.

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wow, i can’t believe it was that simple… I never reinstalledd the oem because I had another version of nero already that I preferred… Never thought that it would do the trick… But thats how you learn I guess. Thanks a bundle. I appreciate it.


With Nero it’s all in the serials. You can use the OEM-serial for all 6.x.x.x versions, but you are limited to certain parts of the suite. If you buy a real serial, just by replacing it you get the full use of the programs. F.I., I had Nero Express, but wanted to use Nero Burning Rom. Besides that I had no access to the installed Nero Wave Editor. Changing the serial opened all parts of the program.
I’m glad I was able to help, and thank you for reporting back. Have fun.

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I have the same problem, and I am using the same version of nero that came with my DVD burner (lite on SOHW-1633S). I just installed windows XP pro edition, and now when I insert blank DVDs my burner goes from a DVDRW to CD, the burner used to work when I was using windows ME. I also deleted nero and reinstalled it but still no luck.


I don’t think that problem is Nero-related. I did change from ME to XP as well, but my 1633 was properly recognised. Maybe if you delete your burner (My computer - Properties - Hardware) and let Windows new recognise your drive will do the trick?

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I have tried this also, I uninstalled my DVD burner and had the computer search for new hardare; I also updated nero but the burner still says cd when I insert a blank dvd.


I don’t understand it correctly. If I load a blank dvd a screen appears asking me what to do with the blank cd I just put in. Windows apparently cannot see the difference before the dvd is burned. Is it that screen you mean? If yes, ignore it and try burning.
Is Nero recognising your drive as dvdrw? And in Device Manager?

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