LiteOn 1633S Overburning Prob




I’m trying to burn 4,493mb to a 4,489mb TDK DVD-R (TTG02) using my LiteOn 1633S (with the patched BS0S firmware). I’ve turned on the overburning checkbox on in Nero (v6.3) and set it to 4,500mb. The ‘Choose Recorder’ dialog in Nero says that overburning is supported, but when I go to burn the disc I get the following errors - “Invalid field in command, Could not perform start of Disc-At-Once” - before the burning starts.

Any ideas? Is it the media/firmware/something else?

Why can’t fansubbers encode a series so it fits on one DVD!?! :frowning:



As is the case with CD-R media, DVD recordable media is tricky when overburning. you have to expirement with certain brands to find what works right. Some drives really dont like overburning, however. The firmware does not limit the size of media. Just try different discs.


So does anyone have any experience overburning with the LiteOn 1633s? Or should I just look for a different brand of discs, any reccomendations on which ones to try?



I would suggest just expirementing with different media. It could harm your drive, however. Be careful.


I have never got overburning to work successfully on my BenQ DW400A, Liteon 1633s, 1653s and Nu-Tech DDW-082. It seems like DVD Overburning is not as possible as CD is.


No, it really isnt. Although I have heard of people doing it.


btw - i’ve heard that overburning a DVD makes the data intrude into some “reserved zones” toward the end of the disc. My burner seems to balk when it gets to the zone … and bails out … and because such a zone exists (note the EMCA texts) it shouldn’t be possible to burn into it with overburnt data as usual unless the zone is defined further into the disc (as i would expect from BeALL’s extended capacity discs)


First of all, I advice you to use the CS0M firmware (1633@1653) you get MUCH better results (don’t forget to do a Eeprom reset).

And download the LATEST Nero version… yours is SO old and got lots of bugs.
Nero- is the latest version.