LiteOn 1633S Firmware Upgd. Question

I see that you have links to obtain a firmware revision that will make my 1633S work like the 1653S. However, I see that this firmware is no longer available on LiteOn’s Site. What I DO SEE is a 1673S.

What testing / ramifications / etc. has anyone seen with upgrading a 1633S to the 1673S?



…It may not be possible. If you haven’t seen a link via c0deking or Wind, is probably [I]isn’t[/I] possible.

The reason you can crossflash a 1633S (and I’m just basing this on what you’ve said here, I don’t own the drive so I haven’t looked in to it specifically) to a 1653S is because those two models are mechanically identical. If you haven’t seen (here, at c0deking’s site, or similar) a crossflash firmware from 1633S to 1673S, [B]DO NOT[/B] attempt to crossflash, as this will more than likely make the drive unusable/unrecognizeable by the system. Also keep in mind that crossflashing will void any warrenty you may have on the drive.


1633S can only be upgraded to 1653S. (1673/93s have different hardware)

to upgrade, you just need a crossflash patched firmware flasher.
CS0T is the newest firmware, download it here:

crossflashing will void warranty, but such an old drive won’t have warranty anymore.
ps: every drive is listed at liteon’s site:

I just would like to say that I have a 1633 converted to a 1653 with CSOT and it is working fine - No problems at all here.

Indeed you cannot convert it to other than 1653.