LITEON 1633S cannot read blank media

Apologies in advance if this is a really obvious question, I have spent a couple of days looking through the forums for a similar question but have had no luck.

I have recently installed a LITEON 1633S DVD drive. It reads previously written CDs and DVDs but will not recognise any of the blank media I have. When I insert a disk Windows Explorer says “E:\ Is not accessible. Incorrect Function”. I have tried reading blank discs through Nero 5 but it says “access failure”. The media I have tried is Philips CD-R80 52x, Maxell CD-R80 XL 48x and Datawrite 4.7GB 8x DVD-R (yellow).

I have upgraded the firmware to BS0S. I have tried to upgrade to BS41 but the upgrade process fails and advises me to contact the vendor.

I am a complete novice at this but I was wondering if anyone could advise me what to try next. Do I have to get new blank discs??? Download some other CD/DVD burning software??? Help!

I have attached a Nero Info report on the drive, I cannot provide media reports as I can’t see the disks!

I am running Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

Any advice at all would be appreciated, and again - if this is a really obvious question I am sorry to waste your time. If there’s any other info I can provide then please let me know

best regards

Better upgrade to Nero

Nero 5.5 probably can’t recognize the drive.

Thanks for your response jbv. I’ve just downloaded and installed the demo version of Nero 6.6. I have successfully written some files to a Philips CDR - thanks! I will try with a DVD now.

I don’t suppose you know of any reputable free/shareware DVD writing software that might work (don’t think I can afford the Nero upgrade this month).

By the way, is it usual for Windows Explorer to have difficulty reading blank media?

thanks again

upgrade your bundled nero to from the nero site, it should work with your burner then.
also DVDDecripter is very good for burning DVD`s and is free.

DVDDecrypter only burns image files. It is mainly used to rip. I think you meant DVDshrink.

I have always had better luck using DVD Decrypter for burning DVD images, but that is probably just me. i use ImgTool Classic for converting vob’s to iso’s. all freeware. i only use nero for burning data.