Liteon 1633S BS0H to Memorex F16 BWSE!

hello people,
I just flashed my liteon 1633s bsoh to the f16 bwse firmware i got from codeguys site! And i gotta say that it burns way better then liteons firmware. Thanks to codeguy for makin this possible. I got some crap cd “VDSPMSAB001 [INTERAXIA AG]” and have had bad kprobe scans, but now with the new firmware its not too bad.
So, I have to say that Memorex firmware does improve the burn quality compared to liteons’.

PS. If any of you have flashed your 1633s drive with a differant firmware and are happy with it…please post wat firmware youre using now and what improved with the drive!

  • liteon 1633@Memorex F16 BWSE, without omnipatcher
  1. Verbatim DVD +R DL
  2. Verbatim DVD -R 4x
  3. Platinum DVD +R 8x


I got my 1633 on friday, it has the BS0C firmware. I burned a couple of DVD+R, and i am satisfied with the results, unless if i can get better results with other firmwares, i’ll stick with it.

who makes the firmware for memorex? themselves or liteon? other features in f16 fw not in liteon’s one?

Very Nice result “99none”!

i need to get some quality dvds!

just got a 1633s to day and burned some mcc004 media verbatim 16x on it and scanned it with kprobe on the 1633s and liteon 851s@832s…boy what a difference in the scans :confused: Ive been scanning only with my liteon 851/832 for over a year…any ideas

That is really wierd! maybe you wanna try the same scan in one of your friends computer and see which one of the two liteons drive is more accurate. Keep us updated.

I have long suspect that 1633s might be ‘inaccurate’ or more sensitive to errors than the 832s. I have been very frustrated with my burns with NEC3500A with YUDEN000T02, which everyone else is getting excellent results. However, I can’t see to get good scan with my 1633s. This only further solidify my suspecion that 1633s is just too sensitive to the errors… or it is simply too inaccurate…

so is BS0H better than this Memorex f/w?

i have a nec3500ag and my burns on it are great, what i have noticed is that burns on the 1633s are where the hi error rates come from for me, when scanned on the 1633s and 832…burns on the nec3500ag seem to scan fine on either liteon drive