Liteon 1633 wont read dvd-rs that it has burnt

:confused: , hi there, i have just ripped out my nec 2510a burner and replaced it with a liteon 1633 burner… but i know have a problem that the 1633 burner wont read any dvd-r disk that i put in it? It will burn them ok but not read them?

Whats going on?
I have xp pro with service pack 2 installed and dont know here to go?

Cheers for the help…
( maybe i should have left the nec in there )

i had same exjact problem it wrote em and they would play in my standalone dvd player. but the 1633 wouldt play em back. i think its something they should fix in firmware

I have just write to liteon, and gonna wait to c what they say…
If no joy will let you know… Think I am gona try and RMA it to the shop i got it from and get a nec 3500

I have the same problem and Lite-On never got back to me after repeated pestering, so good luck. You’ll need it.

I’ve got a Lite-on 1633 and it won’t recognise blank DVD-Rs to write to them.

DVD+Rs are OK.

Has anyone tried Dual Layer discs on this machine?

I recently had someone play back a wedding video I burned on a 1633 Lite-On using the current version of Nero at 4x. The video froze up on a stand-alone player at some point (I didn’t observe this, someone else did). I used Omnipatcher to convert a DVD+R to a DVD-ROM, but I’m not sure if that’s the problem or not. I used a Fuji DVD+R (actually made by Ricoh according to KProbe). I’m planning on experimenting to see if the same problems occur. I turned off bitsetting in the drive’s firmware on one disk (same video as the first one that had the freezing problem). I then burned the same video on my Sony DVD burner - again using a DVD+R - with no bitsetting (Sony drives don’t support bitsetting). I want to see if the same freezing problem occurs. My next experiment is to burn using Nero at 2x using the same video and try bitsetting and without bitsetting and see if the problem occurs. I might end up going back to DVD-Lab to do the burning to see if Nero was the problem.