LiteOn 1633, not writting at 8x?

Ok, I’ve tried PRODISC03 and Verbatim 8x using Nero 6603 – neither is writting at a speed higher than 6.1x!

PRODISC03 at 6.1x
Verbatim at 5.9x

Now as far as the quality, I’m assuming it’s fine but I’m about to check it with KProbe in a moment and i’ll post the results…

Any suggestions other than take it back, which i’m on the verge of doing and maybe swapping out with a NEC 3500 or 3520.

Are you talking average speed or maximium speed?

my average speed (i guess)…
I have the options for 8x and whatnot, but it only max out at 6.1…
Typically starts at maybe 4x, drops to 2.7 - 3.5 then mid way boost to a 6.1 or 5.9x.

Looks like the quality is up to par, just speed is not there…

The average 8x burn speed for a 16x3S drive should be around 7.9x, as it only stays below 8x for a very short period of time, so it sounds like a buffer underrun. Is Nero set to display the current speed or the average speed? Are you copying a large number of files. If so this can cause Nero to get behind and a buffer underrun to occur.

Try a Nero CD-DVD Speed create data disc test and see if it shows a scan like the one below.

Ok interesting… its average is 7.96 just like yours, but its not doing this when i’m copying Disc-to-Disc… it stays at 6.1 or 5.9 actually write speed in NERO (with the registry tweek to show actually write speed).

So what is happening here? :confused:

Copying disc-to-disc? Then the problem is that the source drive is unable to keep up and supply the data at the necessary speeds. This is either because the source drive can’t read fast enough or the source drive is on the same IDE channel (and thus creating a traffic jam of sorts) or both.

(( Oops ))

Ok, I just burned a Data DVD, and it had real good speeds throughtout the process 7.3x - 7.9x.

Yeah, I was copying “on the fly”, if thats the correct terminology :wink:

Since I do have the LiteOn 1633 and the 5232k on the same IDE cable, do you suggest pairing them off on separate IDE cables with the HDDs are the “Master”?

I have two HDDs as well…

Dang it, I spoke too soon… I did one more DVD Data Disc before heading out to work and it maxed-out at 5.9x! WTH??

Not even sure now… the 1st Data Disc wrote at 7.9x and the 2nd one maxed at 5.9x…

:confused: :confused:

Any suggestions?
I’m going to try moving the drive to the same IDE cable as my spare HDD, I’ve already speed up the read speed of the LiteOn 5232k source drive to 14x. Up a notch from where I had it at 12x…

I had the same problems here with a 1633 @ 1653…reflashing the drive solved my problems…

Welcome:). Glad that worked for you, but I think IMHO that SlickVision’s problems lie in the IDE config.

@ SlickVision
Yeah I would recommend putting your two optical drives on the opposing IDE channels if you are burning disc-to-disc(‘on-the-fly’). However, keep in mind that when you burn from HDD to a drive, they should also be on opposing IDE channels, so plan ahead and configure accordingly:). Let us know if that works for you.

Please – Will do man!

Kaoz – I did just try that and no success, so i’ll try moving the IDE cables and I do have a pretty good idea on how I will do it since I have all my Movies on my spare drive and my OS on the main C: drive.

I’ll post my results, i’ll probably do it tomorrow!

Ok, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow, so I made the adjustments tonight…
Although it was very stressful trying to get those IDE cables to reach from one ROM to other HDD, I got it done – not pretty, but done.

…that results… I’m now writting @ 8x!! (7.8x to be exact)

And he’s the results from my 1st scan, I’m not totally pleased with it, but its pretty good though. I did use a different media, which is the one I typically use which is the PRODISC03 8X, but both of them (Verbatim & Prodisc) has performed neck and neck with scans for me in the past… so I’ll so some more and just MAYBE change the firmware to see if I can get the PI to have more 12 and below spikes. Or am I being greedy?

What ya think about the scan?

That’s an awesome burn. That spike should not case any problems. Just to be sure, try a Nero CD-DVD speed transfer rate test to make sure the disc is readable.

Good call please. :wink:

@ SlickVision
Glad you’re back in working order. thanks for the feedback. The scan looks great, but it is just a half-disc burn, not a full-4.7GB burn. I would be happy with those results, and they may improve. This is good media but better media may get you where you want to be.

@ C0deKing
Thanks for the props, but I cannot take credit as it was code65536 who caught the ‘on-the-fly’ on the same ide channel conflict, I just jumped in at the end:).