Liteon 1633 #6 Test results



Liteon 1633 #6-

New drive today: Liteon 1633 sold as Memorex 16X purchased off the self at local Staples…… (Manufactured date: 9-2004).

Took it out the box and flashed to CS09 - Installed as master in secondary ide – Burned (5) TY02’s and (5) MCC004’s – Discarded the first (4) of each media type – Scanned test disk #5 of both……

Before the flames start rolling again, this is strictly an FYI post. As I have stated before, this is not intended so much as a direct attack on Liteon (although I believe they deserve it), but another example of the “roll of the dice” when you spend your money on this product.

Considering that this drive is marketed as a 16X burner, it fails miserably IMO. Of course you could argue to test other firmware, try other media, or one of the more popular: set it as slave rather than master or visa-versa, and so on and so forth. But the fact is this is a new drive off the shelf and tested with clearly the best available media. Of course the jury is still out on whether or not it will even recognize any media three weeks from now……….

Some may even consider some of these scans to be not too bad, guess that’s a possible discussion in itself, but the fact is competing products at the same price point are producing considerably better results……


Edit: Hmmm, seem to have a problem with the 8X burn graphic…


Same disk scanned with CDSpeed…


Now that’s a good informative post - you have every right to be frustrated, I would be, and much worse, considering all those drives you went through. Can I ask you however, since you’ve had so much bad experiences with LITEON, did you continue getting LITEON… Don’t you think drive #6 is a lot of trials ? Now you said you would get another brand, (BenQ?) I’d love to see some scans posted too to compare…

As far as your scans, the first one is horrid, by the looks of it that disc would have problems reading towards the end…the PIF count is definately high at the end, I doubt this disc would pass verify.

Your second scan’s PI level is well within specs, however the PIF chart is NOT good, particularly towards the end, and overall the total is pretty high.

Well you would not be the only one - Like I said in another thread I hope those wankers at LITEON are listening, it is clear to me that they don’t give a crap about customer service and satisfaction and eventhough my liteon drive works fine I am disgusted to see how so many people are having problems and no improvements or solutions being offered by liteon - Honestly if it were not for KPROBE, OMNIPATCHER and the good support of this forum I would have gone elsewhere, as would have many people.


Poor him, maybe he still don’t know he’ve got some fake TY02 DVDr…
or he is dreaming his TY02 is real…

YUDEN000/T02/00 [ 4x, 6x, 8x ]

Also, Even his YUDEN000/T02 is real, but when I look into the
official firmware, the write speed for this media is 4x, 6x, 8x,
so, it’s normal to get crap when you overspeed it with 12x…

Futhermore, the scan should be done at 4x speed, why he do
it at 8x? I guess he should know… I know even I am new to
DVD Burn/Scan after reading the forum for just a few days…

So, what’s the point of his post…?

:eek: :a :rolleyes: :confused: :o :iagree: :bow:


Wow, does not match my results with the same media types on the same drive. Only difference is firmware is BSOS…



Why dont you just use the stock firmware that the drive came with, or update it with the latest Memorex firmware?


@ pcdoc
Just a thought/theory to consider…

IMHO, your bad luck with your 6 bad lite-on’s are more than just ‘roll-of-the-dice’…I would think you should have gotten a good one by now, just by being mildly lucky. Also, there have been many in the forum who have had trouble with their 1633, and their troubles where solved by a new power supply. I thought this solution may apply to you for several reasons. 1. you have a kick-butt machine in your sig(major envy on my part:) does it have a name?), but one that takes a lot of power to run(do the lights dim when you turn it on:)) due to…A)P4-3.4EE@3.8…B)Asus P4C800E-Deluxe(this Asus Forum has numerous posts where this board needed extra power to work, whether it is a power drain somewhere or just power-hungry due to a lot of features on this board, but many problems were solved with a new, more powerful PSU)…C)Corsair XL Pro Ram(possible overclock along with your CPU)…D)2 raptors, and 3 HDD total…E) ATI 9800XT(possible OC’d), another high-watt user…and last but not least, F) the possibly-power-needy 1633

Well, I guess I have named everything in your sig…but that is a very high-wattage machine before counting the ODD’s, fans, etc. I am sure you have a huge PSU, but I was wondering if there was a way you could test this theory out. I will leave that part up to you, unless you ask for suggestions. I am not discounting your previous diagnostic work(how can I, with a name like ‘pcdoc’?) nor looking to start a flame war, so please take no offense…I am on your side trying to solve your problem…I am just making some observations and offering a possible solution.


yup a good psu with anything is good…
i know the prescott chips are a power hogg alone


please: You have a PM


If I were to post Lite-On SOHW-1613/1633/1653 #1, #2, #3, and #N test results from the same model line, I’d just pick a box of 20 bulk drives manufactured most recently. It will cost less than US$1K which is not much if I can resell the tested drives (which I can do if I want my money back.) I will even fine-tune the drives for the lazy and picky consumers. Still full and renewed warranty. But who really want me to do such wild tests?

As for PSU, I daily use more than 10 drives on one PC power-supplied by usually cheap PSU. A Prescott-core processor running at 2.8GHz is not that power-consuming compared to my Northwood 2.4B with the FSB overclocking a little and the latest stepping processors are improving.


the prescott is a major power hogg.
i went thru 2 cheap power supplies
a 350 and a 400 watt
i now have a 480watt … good solid psu
mind you i have alot of goodies in my system…
but i know the prescott drains alot… even more so o\c`ed

not saying that it could be the problem …but it would be somehting to check
maybe make a few burns without the system overclocked
i donno … just trying to help


It has nothing to do with the PS (PC Power&Cooling ATX 510 Deluxe) … Info here. It is a fact that Prescott is a hog, of course that’s unrelated.


One of my friends uses a Prescott-based PC with Lite-On SOHW-1613S (which I gave to him along with many others), 7.2K HDD, and a very cheap PSU. He’s far from a hardware newbie, actually gave me an Alpha PAL-8045 cooler years ago (when I was using about 10 Athlon processors with only very cheap CPU coolers, reluctant to spend US$70 for a cooler.)

Anyway, I still have my dead SOHW-1613S with me. I haven’t yet shipped them or visited the Lite-On service center to get replacements. Three dead 1613S actually. :slight_smile: The service center manager is my former collegue whom I first met in person while I too was working there (which means I know how drives are returned and replaced.)

So it will be my #8, #9, #10 1213/1613/1633/1653/1673 if I ever receive replacement drives anytime soon.

Another friend of mine suggested buying some SOHW-1633S for about US$50 per unit, bulk in box packing. Quantity about maybe 500 or 1K units. I answered him I wasn’t interested and it looked like a risky decision. US$50 is not that cheap for outdated models.


Hi guys . Im a newbie to your fine forum and figured it was time i contributed for a change. I have two burners . A Pioneer -108[ 1.18 firm.] and a new Liteon 1633s [omnipatched to 1653s]. I burn most of my media with the Pioneer at this point. Just a wee bit tighter #s. I lucked into some reasonable " Kodak" media at the local Fut**e Shop. It has a cmc mag.ae1 mediacode. My 108 Loves this stuff. Here are a couple of my latest Kpro scans. A nero scan has been included as well. Unfortunately the next " Kodak" spindle was mam4xg02 code, and im getting 17 Pi `s with that.