LiteOn 163 DVD drive spin up noise?



I just got a LiteOn 40X burner and a 16X DVD drive. The DVD drive seems to have a funky spin up noise once a disc goes in and again once right after I hit eject and the tray slides out. It is just a quick TTTSSSTTT sort of noise and the drive works fine for everything I have tried so far. Is the noise normal? Thanks.


Yes, the noise is normal, but sometimes quite annoying. The following is copied from the troubleshooting section under the service & support menu on their website:

"Lite-On is using an ABS (Auto-Balancing System) to reduce vibration and noise during normal operation. The key to this operation is the ring of steel balls that can settle in place to ensure total balance when the disc is spinning. While not spinning, these balls are free to roll about inside the ring, hence create some noises.

When disc spins up, before the drive settles into proper balanced spinning, there would be a winding noise if the disc is NOT perfectly balanced, which is normal

Due to many reasons, the spinning speed during reading has to be changed (Commonly referred to as Spin-up/Spin-down). During this process, the balls have to be realigned to ensure balance."

Hope this helps.