LiteOn 16102b



I know that some one around here is bound to have a firmware in bin format for the 16102b....if so I would really like to get my hands on a copy of it.

I did something stupid :rolleyes: ......I had made a backup with mtkflash and then promptly overwrote the backup :frowning:




Uh, Ranny…yeah I know about that site but the Windows flash does no good after a bad flash, you need to you a DOS based flasher and an actual binary (BIN) format file of the firmware. I would have been fine, except I overwrote the backup I had made so now I need someone with a 16102b that knows how to make a backup to send me one…


Well I got a fw dump from a friend…all is well now.


I will upload the dumped firmware here(to help others in the same situation as you) if you kick it over to me at